Poetry Gallery V

Your Beauty

The air between us grows thick with each passing day
The taste in my mouth sours at your thought
When once I could only admire your beauty
I now spit in digust at the thought of you
Your beauty once enough to share with the world
Is now not enough to hide your ugly face
You were once a dream come true
Now you are a nightmare
I am glad I have awaken

Also available in audio format: yourbeauty.mp3

Featured on daily drivel for July 10, 2001.

My heart is feign
But from what, I don't know
It dawns upon me as I left home for home
Many questions opened
Many unfulfilling answers
My heart is feign
The things I left behind
The things I brought out
Weigh in me like an anchor
I don't know my life anymore
An adult in a child's body
The heart of a boy
In the mind of an man
All of these and none of these
The man must wait for the others
To grow up before life is to
Continue as it should

Featured on daily drivel for May 6, 2001.

To paint the perfect body
 I would trace all your curves
To capture the sweetest smell
 I would bottle your scent
To see the perfect glitter
 I would steal your eyes
To taste the perfect kiss
 I would kiss your lips
To feel the smoothest touch
 I would feel your skin

My words do not do justice to your beauty
Your beauty can only be described
With a picture of you

Featured on daily drivel for April 17, 2001.

Network Error

I want to interface with you
But the protocol was wrong
Our handshaking failed
The checksum didn't add up
The retry restored partial communication
We should connect our ports and renegotiate
Before we get a timeout
Establish a link and exchange our data
Until the final burst transfer
And the download is complete

Featured on daily drivel for March 3-4, 2001.

Everyday is a winding road
 in a new direction, bringing
   gifts & sorrows
   rewards & pains
   love & loss
 but if you never travel the path
 you will find nothing
 and you will be forgotten
 if you choose blindly
 you will simply fade
 if you choose wisely
 you will touch people's hearts
 and last forever

I love writing to you
About your sensuous voice
Your milky white thighs and jet black hair
Your eyes from heaven
Smile as bright as the stars
I don't know who you are
But I will find you someday


©1996-2001 Zhan Huan Zhou. Last updated May-01-2001.

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