Poetry Gallery III

I walk through the halls of sanctuary
The emptiness watches me
Silence echoes through my ears
I walk forward with nothing to fear
Light appears at the end of the tunnel
I am ready to embrace
The light on my face
I am in pain
For it is a train


The stars are vague
The moon has vanished
No trees, no animals, no sounds
No Life!
Desolation challenged Gaia
Desolation conquered Gaia
The mother is dead
And so are her children


Do you think people are curious?
I really am quite serious
No matter where I look
Watching television or reading a book
They continue what they're doing
There's simply no fooling
The conclusion I find
Regardless of state of mind
Is that people always tend
To read things to the end
(got you didn't I?:)


Why does no one understand
When the truth is near and close at hand
We are overcome by fear

Misguided souls haunt the halls
They betray the truth and raise towering walls
Ignoring the innocent youth

Fire burns within raging hearts
Emotions fly wild tearing them apart
Like a shattered child

War runs rampant day and night
In this fruitless fight


Soft, eloquent and motionless up so high
You reside there in the sky
Distancing yourself from Man
But he invades your peace
And poisons your soul
But the poison seeps
Back to his bowl
You avenge yourself
By hampering his health
And urge a solution
To his threatening pollution


You stole a part of my heart
On that day
When we met
I don’t want it back
If you also
Allow me to take yours
So we can be together
As one


All the world’s a stage
But you are not a star
You are but a pawn in a wicked
Game of deceit and betrayal
The enemy stacked, the odds fixed
You cannot win
Try as you might
But there is a line that must be drawn
Give in so that the pain can end
Save yourself while you still can
And go on


©1996-2001 Zhan Huan Zhou. Last updated May-01-2001.

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