Poetry Gallery II

Phantom Grip

I desperately want to hold on
So I tighten my grip
Exerting my strength to keep me afloat
In this sinking ship
As I pull myself up
I find that the ship is not sinking
There is no ship at all
And I am holding onto nothing



Why can't we believe it
When it is right in front of us
Why could we never have dreamt of it
When we dream of it every night
We need to believe
We need to stop dreaming
These fantasies. These emotions.
They are so pure.
Act upon them
Or you may lose a match
Without ever playing


Lonely Eyes

The beauty flows through her golden locks of hair
Surrounding her angelic face, so fair
With a shining smile I haven't seen in a while
And a walk of grace brings a kiss I long to taste
Her smooth silky skin is so beautiful I would sin
But when I see her eyes sparkle brighter than the stars
I know I will only ever be a watcher from afar


©1996-2001 Zhan Huan Zhou. Last updated May-01-2001.

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