Poetry Gallery I

A Complex Emotion

My love for you is greater than infinity
That is a mighty large quantity
It stretches across all four dimensions of space
Making you impossible to replace
When I'm with you, I act as irrational as pi
I guess I'm just that type of guy
This must be some sort of sine
That you were meant to be me mine
I'll make it quite plane
That I'm really not insane
At this point my feelings are at a maximum
So we must try to differentiate
What is real and what is imaginary
Won't you be with me?



Her beauty can be seen
As pure as the sky
Graces my lonely eyes

Her face so fair
Skin, smooth to my touch
Flowing black hair
I can only stare

Time and distance have lessened my desire
But in my heart still burns a fire

How can I ever let go
Writing this poem
Without you

Think of what could have been



Is all I have
In the world around me
My life reeks of nothing
Enslaving all that it touches
In my place of living
I have no one
No friends or family
Nowhere to go
This town is filled with emptiness
Populated by no one

And my only love
I gave her everything
And in return, nothing
No special feelings
Leaving my heart
More desolate than this town
In my heart, I hold onto no one
Who in return gives me nothing

Hatching through my skin
Nothing envelopes me
I am nothing
Nothing conquers all
More powerful than everything


The Drinking Box

I like to suck the drinking box
My lips around the firm straw
My breath drawing the refreshing moistness
Trickling down my throat and soothing me inside
With more force, I suck the straw even harder, craving the feeling
Ecstasy is reached when the box is drained
Oh drinking box, do you feel as much pleasure as I?


A Breath of Beauty

Her beauty blew upon my face
With the crispness of the night wind
The chill invades me
Sending waves of delight through my body
I bask in the flowing air
But go nearer I do not dare
When the winds stops
She is gone
And my heart with her


A Portrait Of Love

I see your lovely face
My eyes gaze at your unchanging beauty
You do not move

I cry out your name
My lonesome voice echoes through my empty heart
You do not answer

I reach out to hold you
My fingers are cold to the touch
You are not there

My efforts are in desperate vain
I feel nothing but unending pain

I cry out in sorrow
I cry out in despair
I cry out
I cry out
I cry
I cry


Life Unborn

What difference will it make if I die?
My life is meaningless, a giant lie
The world will carry on
Even after I'm gone
Where did I leave my mark?
In the depths of nowhere, lost in the dark
No one in this world cares
They only give me blank stares
Penetrating deep into my soul
Leaving my heart with a gaping hole
Life is a merciless game
And I am just a nameless name
I am a wasted birth
Good-bye cruel Earth


The Shadow Hunter

Just when I start to wake up
Every morning I watch as
Night comes
Nearer I hear the
Shadows coming in my sleep
Haunting my dreams
As I try and run
Never quite eluding its grasp
Next time I fear it will consume me
Overwhelm me
But I will not give up


Little Miss Blonde

Little Miss Blonde with a pristine smile
Little Miss Blonde always walking in style

With hair of gold
As fancy as stories told
You've got all the jokes
To fool those sorry blokes

Little Miss Blonde most beautiful girl in the place
Little Miss Blonde with a chemical face



I don't really know what I want to say,
  but I have to say something
I don't know what I need to write,
  but I need to write something
I don't know what I'm thinking of,
  but I'm thinking of something
It's just a feeling I have,
  but I can't feel it
Something needs to be said,
  but that will be said on a different day
Good-bye for a while
I will be back,
  but I don't know when


©1996-2001 Zhan Huan Zhou. Last updated May-01-2001.

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